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The Truth about Stress

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From the moment of conception we are confronted with stress. As a fetus we are subjected to the habits, nutrition, environment, and emotional stress our mother experiences during pregnancy. After birth we are bombarded by a plethora of environmental, physical, chemical, emotional and mental stress that continue until we die.

The stress we encounter can either strengthen us or break us down. When a cell recovers, stress causes it to thrive. If a cell does not recover, stress will cause it to fail. So instead of trying to eliminate all stress from our life we need to focus on helping our bodies recover from the stresses we encounter.

Take running for example. Many experts associate running with joint, bone and muscle damage. I’m an avid runner and when I read how detrimental running was, I began to question whether I should continue running. I discovered that the stress from running is beneficial if the cells that were used recovered. I reduced my mileage, modified my running technique and reduced how often I ran so I could help my body recover.

Instead of breaking my body down, running has strengthened the bones, cartilage, ligaments and muscle. As long as the body can recover, running will strengthen all the parts of the body that are stressed. If your body is not in condition to run or your runs are too frequent, your body does not recover and will injury result.

How can we help the recovery process? I would like to share several recovery strategies I have worked for me.

Number one is exercise. Yes I know exercise is also stressful. But exercise gets rid of the stress hormones so that you can be more relaxed. Exercise increases our tolerance to stress. Exercise makes our cells healthier and more functional. The key to healthy exercise is to ensure your body is recovering between workouts.

Next is getting the right nutrition. The chemicals that are replacing food today provide no nutrition and are treated by the body as poisons. Not only are you not getting the substances you need but you’re also placing the immune system on high alert; both of which will impair their ability to recover.

Meditation is also an important tool to help the recovery process. Meditation gives you opportunity to separate yourself from your current circumstances. This alone can help you put your present concerns in perspective.

Choosing positive thoughts are another powerful recovery t tool. We have the right to choose how we want to feel. When we approach situations with the intention of feeling good we are making the decision to be healthy.

Instead of trying to eliminate stress from your life, enhance your recovery ability instead. The way you enhance recovery is to improve the health and function of your body. As your recovery improves, the stresses you encounter will stimulate greater health and function.


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    • Dr Dave says:

      The idea that stress is a good thing is not very popular. I do not have any resources to back this up. I plan to expound on this topic in future posts. I am sorry with getting my articles posted on my site but I am working on it.
      Please check back.

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