Friday, January 28, 2022

Hi and welcome to my site.  My name is Dr. David Williams but most people and patients call me Dr. Dave.

I’m a licensed doctor of Naprapathy (functional medicine) and board certified in naturopathy.   I love helping people and my hope is that fact comes across in the articles and information you’ll find here at

Many people ask my what is functional medicine or what is a Naprapath.  One of my patients described it as, “A Naprapath treats muscles  like chiropractor treats bones.”  I work with your own bodies’ ability to heal itself and am a catalyst to help the muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissue to align back up and work the way it’s supposed to.

I received my masters degree in exercise physiology in 1983 and a bachelors degree in science in 1979, from George Williams College. I am also certified by the American Kineiostherapy Association as a physiotherapist and is an exercise technologist with the American College of Sports Medicine.

What is all means is that I know the body works.

In the last 27 years of my experience, I have assisted my patients’ recovery by freeing them from the ravages of neuromuscular pain. By combining 100 year old proven naprapathic soft tissue techniques with newly rediscovered therapies, I have, in many instances, given relief and renewed vitality to persons suffering with pain. I have treated clients ranging from world class professional/amateur athletes to senior citizens recovering from surgery to accidents by young children.

I love and specializes in the treatment of all types of functional injuries that involve muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments. TMJ, fibromyalgia, chronic head, shoulder, back, hip, and limb pain have all responded favorably to naprapathic treatments,  Naprapathy is so successful because it’s objective is to stimulate the body’s natural healing by restoring the ability of the tissues to work. Once your body is working again, I will prescribe specific exercises in conjunction with your physical therapist and/or exercise specialist, to optimize your healing response.

I want to thank you again for stopping by and hope you come back often as I will continue to add value to your life with the relevant and useful information in the articles I provide.   If you like what you’ve read hear so far or find an article you find interesting, please feel free to leave comments, questions and/or ideas as I would love to dialog with you.  Feel free to also add your email address to the subscribe box on the right and I will make sure you receive all the breaking news and health tips as soon as I publish them.

To your vibrant health & continued wellness-

Dr Dave

Some of the work that Dr Dave has done…

  • Worked on staff at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital Health and Fitness Center’s Integrative Medicine department.
  • Assisted Bob Gadja, former Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe and Sports Medicine Therapist, with patients.
  • Taught Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics for 8 years at National Collage of Naprapathy in Chicago.