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Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer Mythe

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Have you ever been chastised because you weren’t wearing sunscreen. Or in the beginning of the summer you get a sunburn and are told you’re going to get cancer if you don’t wear your sun screen. I personally have gotten tired of telling these people that they are at greater risk of cancer if you […]

The Truth about Stress

June 6, 2011 by  
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From the moment of conception we are confronted with stress. As a fetus we are subjected to the habits, nutrition, environment, and emotional stress our mother experiences during pregnancy. After birth we are bombarded by a plethora of environmental, physical, chemical, emotional and mental stress that continue until we die. The stress we encounter can […]

You should not have to be in pain…

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How Can Naprapathy Help ME? IF  YOU ARE: Tired of being in pain? Confused about why your pain won’t go away? Concerned about the side effects of your medications? Running out of patience with being in constant pain? Dr. Williams can likely help you finally fix the problem. For over 100 years Naprapathic doctors have helped […]