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Nutrition in the Healing Process

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The role of Nutrition in the Healing Process

Cellular health plays a critical role in the healing process; if cells are not healthy, healing will not occur. Healthy cells are more resistant to disease and recover from injuries more quickly. Cellular health is the current nutritional state of your cells.

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to nutrition than eating properly and taking vitamins and supplements. Just because you consume the correct nutrients does not necessarily mean these nutrients will be available to the cells.

Nutrition can be divided into 5 steps: ingestion, absorption, transportation, assimilation and elimination. Ingestion takes the nutrients into the body. Next, those nutrients need to be absorbed from the digestive tract. After absorption, the nutrient is transported to where it is required in the body. Once the nutrient arrives at its destination, the cell assimilates it and any resulting waste products are eliminated.

Many nutritional programs focus only on the first step of that process; ingestion. I complete a comprehensive nutritional evaluation that insures you not only eat the correct nutrients, but also that the nutrients you consume complete the five steps required to have real nutritional value.


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